GOTO Berlin 2016: Applied data science and engineering for local weather forecasts by Nikhil Podduturi

Nikhil held a great talk on the GOTO Berlin conference this November about applied data science and engineering for local weather forecasts within MeteoGroup. Here is the record and the link to the slides.

The Video:


About Nikhil Podduturi:

Facilitating interdisciplinary communication and bridging the gap between them is one of my strength. At MeteoGroup I am working to bring together engineering, data science and meteorology to effectively address the meteorological challenges.

Before starting to work for MeteoGroup I worked in the area of genomics at Stanford University. My previous experiences also include working with Columbia University and New York University in the area of genetics.

Apart from being a coffee enthusiast I also spend my time on travelling, sailing, hacking, and teaching elementary kids.

Github profile:
Personal blog:
Twitter: @nik_r_p

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Berlin, Germany

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